Rental a cottage
Dream of Life: cottages and plots of Simferopol highway

Life in the city is becoming unbearable. The main thing that binds people to the city and did not allow, he spit at all, go to a quiet place, had a job. The need for every day prodelyvat the way to and from work, forced to live in the city. As time passed, the number of people and cars in Moscow has increased, the transport system of developing and behold, there was a situation where the journey from one end of town to another and from the suburbs to the same place equaled. This has led to increased interest in suburban property, and the growth of cottage settlements. One of the most popular destinations, which is natural for our cold country was southern. It was there, on the border of Moscow and Tula regions, near Oka, among pine woods, there is a beautiful land. Simferopol highway makes these areas more attractive in terms of accessibility. The question is: To continue to crowd in a city apartment or move out of town, in a spacious house with all amenities, situated in a forested area near the river and, more importantly, just an hour’s drive from Moscow? What will choose a reasonable person who has a family, if he wants to raise healthy children and spend their free time for the benefit of his health? The answer is obvious! Town Village District – one of the best options for a more attractive offer vybora. Esche is when people recognize the value of houses and an assortment of projects, which is being offered. You can pick up a small house for a couple of pensioners, a cottage for a young family with room for growth, a spacious home for a large and friendly company. Everything is built from environmentally friendly materials, with balconies, a terrace and a sauna. The infrastructure of the village are the place for year-round recreation: parks, snowmobiles and ATVs, mountain bikes and skiing. If you hesitate with a choice, it is possible to buy the land for construction, making a choice later. This is a very profitable investment, since the price of suburban real estate are growing and are not subject to inflation. It’s safe to say that buying houses and plots of Simferopol highway, you will not regret the purchase. It is possible that it will fulfill a dream of your life.